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  • https://smore.page.link/SJpfu - I use S'more & get paid for using my phone. It’s stupid easy. Download with this link & get a bonus when you sign up.
  • May 13, 2018 · The Truth Is (Masterlist) Summary: Canon(ish). Captain America calls on reader to help his best friend uncover a major scandal. If reader succeeds, the former Winter Soldier might finally be...
  • Oct 08, 2020 · Loki x Reader. A/N: Imma be honest. This one’s a bit of a filler but the next part will have make up for it. And… well, I might as well update it a bit earlier since I’m ahead in my writing schedule so keep an eye out on Tuesday for it! TTSWL Masterlist. It didn’t surprise Loki when the room erupted into arguments.
  • Sunflower [Peter Parker x Reader] Run To You [Peter Parker x Reader] Escape (Part 1 / Part 2) [Loki x Reader] Hide and Seek [Steve Rogers x Reader] I Knew You Were Trouble [Tony Stark x Reader] STAR TREK. Originally posted by lovely-trek. Dusk Till Dawn [Leonard McCoy x Reader] Water Under The Bridge [Leonard McCoy x Reader] Summer Wind ...
  • Status: In-progress Rating: Up to explicit Pairing: Connor|RK800 x Female Reader Categories: Romance, friendship, fluff, light angst, includes events before and during the game, bad language, uncle...
  • https://smore.page.link/SJpfu - I use S'more & get paid for using my phone. It’s stupid easy. Download with this link & get a bonus when you sign up.
  • Notes Loki Laufeyson x Reader - F**ked Up - Part 9 Ok, I know I’ve only just written part 8, but I had an idea for a part of this part, so I thought I’d go ahead and write it! haha I’m not sure how happy I am with this part, it could probably still need some work and I’m worried Loki is ooc, but I’m too tired to fix it anymore than I ...
  • Stabby (Loki X Reader) Summary : You never put two and two together concerning your best friend Loki, who mysteriously disappeared, and Thor's brother Loki. When you reunite because he wants to redeem himself to the Avengers, your friends, hijinks ensue.
  • Feel free to LIKE, REBLOG, AND READ YOUR FAVS! ALSO….Requests ARE open! I am all caught up and am ready to fire away. :) I primarily do Marvel characters and Sebastian Stan/Tom Hiddleston fics cause they are my FAV! Bucky Series: WHO WOULD EVER THINK THEY WOULD FALL IN LOVE? (Series) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Epilogue VACATION OF A LIFETIME ...
  • Masterlist Everything was peaceful. It was like the sun and stars aligned perfectly enough to give you and him these moments together. You weren’t even reading the same book, you were in your own separate worlds, and yet so close at the same time. At least, when you were pulled out of your heads and back to reality, you were together.
  • Pairing: Harry Styles x fem!Reader. Genre: angst, fluff. Warnings: swearing, mentions of hospitals and injuries. Word count: 8852. Originally posted by hampsteadharry “God, Harry, it’s just one night!” Y/N exasperated, throwing her hands in the air. “One fucking night I wanna go out with my friends and have some fun. Is that really too ...
  • Nov 22, 2020 · Mistletoe Series Masterlist | Masterlist | Requests. Teruhashi had the brilliant idea to host a christmas get-together. You were sure it was just to get close to Saiki. You were even more sure of that when you arrived and saw a lot of mistletoes hanging around. And with a lot you mean A LOT.
  • Pairing: Harry Styles x fem!Reader. Genre: angst, fluff. Warnings: swearing, mentions of hospitals and injuries. Word count: 8852. Originally posted by hampsteadharry “God, Harry, it’s just one night!” Y/N exasperated, throwing her hands in the air. “One fucking night I wanna go out with my friends and have some fun. Is that really too ...
  • Headcanons/OneShots You can call me (Sa)Brina. I write for those Fandoms, but you can request any fandom. I'll see what I can do. Request are temporarily closed. Also, if you request something and don't clarify that you want it written (as a OneShot, Headcanons, Drabble, etc,) then I'll assume you mean a concept.
  • #masterlist #loki x reader #sherlock x reader #bbc merlin #merlin x reader #tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston x reader #imagine tom hiddleston #Sherlock Holmes #Loki Laufeyson #arthur pendragen x reader #hawaii 5-0 #steve mcgarrett #steve mcgarrett x reader More you might like
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Furnace plenum adapterAug 19, 2017 · Submit (Loki x Reader) by @yviinfinite. Pleasing you (Loki x Reader) by @sserpente. You are mine (Ivar x Reader) by @inthenameofodin. Hunted (Elijah x Reader) by @bonniebird. Those Fingers (Mad Sweeney x Reader) by @whenimaunicorn. IMAGINE…teasing Tormund relentlessly until finally he can’t stand it any longer and takes you away for a good ...
Loki x Reader Series Masterlist Fire and Ice Hiatus You were one of the three founders of the X-men, but you've had enough of the world and after Charles dies you, Wade Wilson and Logan move to an isolated cabin in the forest. Because of the lack of leadership the X-men dissolve and go their seprate ways.
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  • Apr 12, 2018 · Masterlist Steven Grant Rogers SERIES Adelais Ballet Institute - (coming soon) After a one-night stand and a year of unknown fatherhood, Steve’s daughter Beatrice ends up in his arms with no mother, a... 850 notes #tatelangdon #tate langdon #tate langdon x reader #tate langdon imagine #imagine #imagines #ahs imagine #murder house imagine #500 March 24th, 10:30AM · 3 years ago 1,647 notes # jacksparrow # jack sparrow # jack sparrow imagine # captain jack sparrow # potc imagine # potc gif # pirates of the caribbean # pirates of the caribbean ...
  • Masterlist; 01 6 / 2016. Loki X Reader: Because I Love You. Summary: The reader is upset about not getting a promotion, the reader gets drunk, and the two fight.
  • Notes Loki Laufeyson x Reader - F**ked up Part 5 Ok guys, I’ve got an early morning so I do need to sleep tonight, so this one might be a bit rushed, and I’m not 100% sure that Loki is in character, so I apologise for that!

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Sep 18, 2019 · Blood Bound - Master List. Fandoms - A Marvel AU. Pairings - Loki x Reader, Bucky x Reader (Love Triangle) Warnings - Horror Themes, Smut, Blood and Gore, Graphic Violence. Summary/Synopsis - Deep in the shadows of this world of concrete and science, all the myths and legends are not only real, they’re thriving. In the dark of the night ...
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Aug 28, 2020 · After his Death masterlist. Jason Todd x reader . Inspired on this post . Sneak peek ; Prologue; Chapter one; Chapter two; Chapter three; Chapter four; Chapter five; after his death Jason Todd jason todd x y/n jason todd x reader nightwing dick grayson Tim Drake tim drake x you dick grayson x reader batboys robin red hood alfred pennyworth ... Gilded Halls • Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x reader • Warnings: none • Summary: reader comes back to Asgard to welcome her brother home, but bumps into a familiar someone along the way.
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Avengers Imagines. Kezia, Elizabeth, and Eeffa here, bringing your plot bunnies to life. Currently reading: Elizabeth - Naomi Novik, 'Uprooted' Kezia - JK Rowling, 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' Green (Loki x Reader) Title: Green Summary: Loki’s not in love or jealous at all… Warnings: Fluff [[MORE]]Loki set in his chambers, gazing out the window. It was a beautiful day in Asgard and he...
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Hey could you write a Loki x reader fic where the reader is pregnant? of course love! i wrote smth small and fluffy. here’s 515 words with loki x pregnant!reader. ask box / masterlist / commission info / ko-fi. Originally posted by notetoself-justdont. There are lots of things no one told you about being pregnant. There are lots of things no ...
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Pairing(s): Cedric Diggory x Reader, (Eventual) George Weasley x Reader, (Platonic) Fred Weasley x Reader, (Platonic) Oliver Wood x Reader. Word Count: 3,947. Warnings: None . You smiled as you heard the familiar sounds of the train station fill the air with a buzz.
  • If the masterlist stops working, you can find this series on my AO3 (LINK). # Please Hate Me # loki # loki x reader # loki x you posted 06 Oct 2019 @ 15:36 Summary: (Y/N)'s powers flare out of control again and nearly kill a group of people.This time, someone happens to be looking for her that can help. Requested by Abigator (AO3): I was wondering if you could do a Loki x reader where the reader is mortal, but has powers that cause mayhem where ever she goes.
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  • Bad day. Originally posted by tomerkapon. pairing: frenchie x reader . request: Hello , you could write a cute fic for frenchie, he and the reader are dating.The reader had a bad day, so frenchie will cheer her up by hugging and saying sweet things.
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  • Walking Disasters: The Hilarious Misfortunes of a Century Old Man and His Hothead Wife is a Bucky Barnes x reader series involving Bucky and his enhanced wife (the reader) getting into way too much trouble. The relationship is already established and each new addition to the series can be read in whichever order you want.
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  • in the heart of the forest [Loki Laufeyson] veneration [Matt Murdock] Guardians of the Galaxy. the stars which pass through his soul [Peter Quill] life is a game [Rocket Raccoon] infinite [Peter Quill] X-Men . Love Well Spent [Logan Howlett] Made of Outer Space [Peter Maximoff] Gravity’s Just a Habit That You’re Pretty Sure You Can Break ... Loki X Reader . Word Count: 499. Requested: Anon. Request: Hellooo If you don’t mind, I’d like to request a reader x Loki one shot where they’re dating/he’s just about to ask her out but then someone uses a love potion on the reader.
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  • you can also find my new and old works that aren’t on this list on my blog by searching rachael writes or [character name] x reader! click HERE for the masterlist to my chaptered fics such as: JUKEBOX HERO, PLEAD THE FIFTH. click HERE for the masterlist to my ongoing series such as: PROOF TONY STARK HAS A HEART, THE VALIANT ARSONIST.
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